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Presto Poll 2.0

Presto Poll is a great utility for a website; It's coded using PHP and it doesn't need any SQL database; It has an admin center where you can modify all the settings.


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Presto Poll 5.0 for PHP4/5 by (César A. Bernardini) - Fri, 12 Aug 2005 16:19:45 GMT


I am proud to announce the final version of 5.0 branch. It adds some new features like the php4/5 support.

To install it, it's very easy you have to open prestopoll.php file and change the three constants.

Also, I am waiting to isten your opinions on the forums... And... If you want that I make a new version in XML with just PHP5 support.


Go to download page and use sourceforge project page.

bye (0 comments)

English Documentation by (César A. Bernardini) - Sun, 07 Aug 2005 16:17:26 GMT


I'm bringing you the documentation for Presto Poll 4.x and 5.x:

Also I upload a new beta but it's not working perfectly so i don't suggest that you donwload it.

If you want to help me please download and test it.

I'll be glad if you can do it for me :)

ALSO please rate the script on hotscripts, and send me your screenshots.

bye (0 comments)

Spanish Documentation by (César A. Bernardini) - Mon, 13 Jun 2005 19:33:34 GMT

Hi everybody!!

I am so sorry... I guess the documentation was online... But it wasn't... English speakers, please wait a little bit more, my friend and translator Xavier is working on english version!

Now time to speak in spanish...

La documentación en español ya está disponible para Presto Poll X (preferentemente la versión 5 para PHP4, pero las demás funcionan igual). La documentación consta de dos páginas:

Guía de Instalación de Presto Poll:

Como colocar Presto Poll en tu sitio:

Voy a realizarle ciertos cambios al sitio para que puedan acceder a la documentación. Además pido a los usuarios de habla hispana ue me manden imágenes de sus sitios funcionando con Presto Poll.

Los veré en la próxima
mesarpe (0 comments)

Presto Poll 5.0 Beta #2! by (César A. Bernardini) - Wed, 25 May 2005 14:26:18 GMT


I am really glad to announce the second beta version of Presto Poll for php4... I am really closer to get the final version working on... But I need your help to test it.

As always, the changes I had made it...
- Added the chance to change config.php file ubication
- Created function change_poll to interact with presto poll system
- Fixed: modifing templates
- Improved Authentication System for admin-poll.php
- Removed 200 HTML lines
- Added CSS code to admin

If you want to download it:
ZIP Source:
RAR Source:

I tell you again... if you could send me your poll working on url or a screenshot of yur website, i'll put on sourceforge project list when 5.0 for php4 will be ready!

Enjoy it! (0 comments)

Does you site have Presto Poll working on? by (César A. Bernardini) - Wed, 11 May 2005 15:59:52 GMT


I am looking for websites using my script to get some screenshoots of the poll working on. I'll be really glad to receive any kind of mail about the poll or a screenshoot you want to show us.

Also the final Presto Poll 5.0 for PHP4 is coming... I am waiting for your mails of feature request you want final version have.

Well... That's all... WAIT, please WAIT :P
PS: my mail appear on the title of this news (on the website). (0 comments)

Presto Poll 5.0 for PHP4 Beta #1 by (César A. Bernardini) - Sun, 01 May 2005 16:25:45 GMT


I am glad to announce the first public version of Presto Poll 5.0 for PHP4, it looks a little better and his main difference with presto poll 4.0a is that it includes a new system to put the poll where you want without iframes... I will be really glad to read the bugs you find :)

Url to Download it:

Please use the forums to report or comment anything.

Enjoy! (0 comments)

Presto Poll 5.0 for PHP5 Final Version! by (César A. Bernardini) - Sat, 04 Dec 2004 02:40:33 GMT


I'm glad to announce the final version the fifth dot zero :D It includes all you can need for a poll, and brings some changes from last version (beta2):
X Added multilanguage system
X Checked some design mistakes
X Changed get_config function (added key names)
X Don't show Edit Options and Delete options when there's not options
X Added help to translate language file
X Added comments to language file
X Added support for Pop-UP results
X Removed PopUp Height and Width from Admin Center
X Added help to show results in a popup

You can download it, clicking here:

Remember you can tell anything at forums or at my mail mesarpe at gmail dot com.

Enjjoy it! (0 comments)

Presto Poll 5.0 Beta #2 Available! by (César A. Bernardini) - Sun, 07 Nov 2004 14:50:18 GMT

HI everyone!

I'm glad to announce the new Presto Poll 5.0 Beta, the Beta #2. This version have the next features: Add comments to archived polls; Can generate a Chart for a specified file; Added two constant to main messages: vote and show results.

We're really closer to final php5 version.

Enjoy it! and report everything! (0 comments)

Presto Poll 4.0 Important Changes! by (César A. Bernardini) - Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:58:42 GMT


Me again with Presto Poll 4 for PHP4.... I come back to this script and change two things:
- An error with rounding
- License: now the system uses PHP License

It's recommended to update Presto Poll 4.0 to this new version. The url to download it:
Zip Version:
Rar Version:

If you find any problem please report it.... This mistakes were founded by a user who reported into the forum :) Thank yuo very much to sfriedman!!!

And also thank you very much to an user who translate language file to Italian, the version that come with distribution is not the last... I had problems with it... but I don't want to private from this cool notice and utility... thanks Mirco Uccheddu!!

That's all Enjoy it! (0 comments)

Presto Poll 5.0 Beta #1 Released! by (César A. Bernardini) - Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:13:20 GMT


I'm glad to announce the first beta version of Presto Poll 5.0 for PHP5.

Changes are not really important.... But... We're almost ready for stable version... May be soon :)... And the chages are:
X changed admin design: XHTML 1.0!
X When System will generate next poll in poll.php try to archive (new parameter for config.xml)
X Add option in admin center to set kind of chart (Pie or Horizontal bars)
X Change Question: default value or current value
X Use javascript for edit items

Url to download it:
Url to test it:
url to test admin:
password: prueba

That's all! Enjoy it! (0 comments)

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