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Presto Poll 2.0


Version 4.0

  • Log System: register every step on Admin Center!
  • Added link to see the poll
  • You can set the next poll and then press archive button, the last poll will be archived and the new will have the data setted in set next poll.
  • Checked some bugs with admin center.
  • Version 3.7

  • You can change the language using Admin Center
  • Fixed mistake with file_exists function
  • Fixed problems with variable declaration
  • Now polls can start with 0 votes
  • Fixed bug with urlpoll var
  • Version 3.5

  • Came back to Cookies Authentication System
  • If template's results is empty, the system shows a default design in admin center.
  • Fixed bug with Global Variables
  • Fixed little bug with expiration time in admin-poll.php
  • Fixed bug when you select Pop-Up method with View Results button.
  • Fixed bug when you uses with ip's save
  • Version 3.3

  • - Changed Authentication system in admin-poll.php, now variable session are used to log-in.
  • - New button to See Results
  • Version 3.2

  • - Little bug fixed: font and size in the templates.
  • - Another little bug: when expiration time is -1
  • Version 3.0

  • - Results: two methods, you can use the traditional in the same window or use Pop-UP option.
  • Added in the Admin center the options, to select the better method to show the results
  • Changed Authentication system: now you can select cookies, ip's save or both :). Added the option in the admin center.
  • Added a new template for results. You can set that in the admin center,
  • Now you can prepare the new polls! When the current ends, the new is generate :) This is cool or not?
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Version 2.1

  • Fixed Important bug
  • Version 2.0

  • Modified the administrator section, now you can select images for the results
  • Expiration time for the poll: now, you can put until when the poll will be enabled to vote
  • Change in the TEmplate #1: now yo can use [question] and [totalvotes], they are for the question and how many people have voted in the poll
  • System to archive the old polls
  • You can select the system of authentication: cookies or save ips, save ips how the name say it, it saves the ip of the people who has voted and anybody with this IP could vote until you put empty the ip's file.
  • Fixed a little bug.
  • Version 1.3

  • New administration design
  • Support of multiple languages
  • Modified graphical of the poll.
  • Version 1.0

  • - First Edition in English
  • - Now you can select where you put the button to vote in templates
  • - Change of system, to save who has voted.
  • - Bug fixed in the template #2.
  • - Added link to our page.
  • - Some bugs fixed.
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